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The current album from Deirdre Starr


DEIRDRE STARR (Piano and Voice), living in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, was born in London to Irish parents. She studied classical music from the age of six, studying piano, flute and voice.

Haunting and emotive are two words that could be used to describe Deirdre’s musical style. Her rich blend of material ranges from traditional ‘sean nos’ (unaccompanied songs) through to contemporary songs, arranged for voice and piano. Initially, performing predominantly as a soloist, Deirdre has sung regularly in New Zealand, performed on New Zealand television and recorded for Radio New Zealand. Deirdre has recorded with a number of leading Irish musicians, including Trevor Hutchinson, Dermot Byrne, Mark Kelly, Alan Doherty, Vivienne Long, Maire Breatnach, Mick de Hoog and Tola Custy.

Now performing in a duo or trio setting, she performs regularly in Europe and was invited to perform for the acclaimed live music programme ‘Matinee der Liedersanger’ hosted by Jan Reichow for WDR-5 Radio (Germany). Her recordings include works produced by Trevor Hutchinson (Lunasa), Jon Mark (Mark-Almond Band) and Johannes Wohlleben (Peregrina Music) at the Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Deirdre has also performed in Ireland, Austria and Slovakia with Tale of the Gael - a vibrant and unusual mix of personalities from the world of Irish music, all with their own distinct musical profiles and backgrounds. Tale of the Gael have played at most of the Pipers Festivals and many of the harp festivals of Europe and the US, in Carnegie Hall, at Fleadhanna, with Orchestras, for Diplomats and Dignitaries from the Kennedy Family in the US to E.U Leaders in the Council of Europe, and on numerous TV specials. Along with Tale of the Gael, Deirdre has traveled to Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic and performed for the Irish Embassy, as part of the W.B. Yeats celebrations. Deirdre also works with other musicians back in Ireland and performs regularly with singer songwriter " Bobby Roche and the Reserves"

Deirdre is a regular visitor to Germany both as a solo performer and also with her long-term musical partner David Leahy (Double Bass) and Robert Tobin (Flute).

Deirdre’s current CD, entitled ‘Between the Half-Light’ featutes both David Leahy (Double Bass) and Robert Tobin (Flute).
Produced by Trevor Hutchinson(Lunasa) the album also features the musical talents of Dermot Byrne(Accordion),Mickey Dunne(Low Whistle),Michiel de Hoog (Fiddle) and Oisin Sloan-Starr (Bodhran).


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